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Designed to fit the schedules of homeschool students, we offer a variety dates and times so you can pick the cohort that works best for you!

Cohorts meet for 1 hour of live instruction each week
Recommended for ages 14 and older

7-Week Cohorts

Summer '24
Tuesdays @ 3pm ET
Thursdays @ 10am ET

10-Week Cohorts

Fall '24
Tuesdays @ 10am, 2pm or 8pm ET
Wednesdays @ 10am, 2pm or 8pm ET
Every Thursdays @ 10am, 2pm or 8pm ET
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Our master apprentice cohorts Will Prepare You To Work In...

Product Design
game design
film & vfx

Essential Concepts You’ll Learn








Biz Dev

Project Mgmt

and More!

7-Week Cohort Schedule

Week 1

Live Training: Basic 3D Modeling | Learning How to Model Anything in Blender

Project: Follow Tutorial to Create a Glass Bottle

Week 2

Live Training: Material Shaders | Learn How to Use Materials and Shaders

Project: Follow Tutorial to Shade the Bottle Model

Offline Homework Feedback

Week 3

Live Training: Modeling Techniques | Learn Additional Modeling Techniques

Project: Follow Tutorial to Create a Vintage Bottle Crate

Offline Homework Feedback

Week 4

Live Training: Lighting and Rendering | Learn to Use Lights and Cameras in 3D Scenes

Project: Follow Tutorial to Light the Glass Bottle

Offline Homework Feedback

Week 5

Live Training:  The Basics of Animation | Learning How to Make Stuff Move

Project: Follow Tutorial to Light the Glass Bottle

Offline Homework Feedback

Week 6

Live Training: Scene Setup | How to Design a Scene in 3D

Project: Follow Tutorial to Create a 3D Scene with the Bottle and Crate

Offline Homework Feedback

Week 7

Live Training: Show Your Work | Learn How to Grow as a 3D Artist

Project: Plan and Create Your Own 3D Render

Offline Homework Feedback

1:1 Session: Where Should I Go From Here?

Additional Resources

Project Files

Private Discord for Peer Review and Support

Weekly Email With Resources

Tool & Plugin Lists

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How the 1-Day 3D Workshop Works


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What are Three Division 3D Accelerator Cohorts?

Three Division 3D Accelerator Cohorts are intensive 7 or 10-week master apprentice courses tailored to transform apprentices into professional 3D artists. Cohorts encompass live tutorials, project assignments, peer reviews, individualized feedback, and a wealth of resources delivered through newsletters.

Who are these Cohorts designed for?

Our cohorts are meticulously crafted for individuals wanting to reach a professional level with their 3D art. Whether you're a beginner eager to learn the ropes or an intermediate artist aiming to refine your skills and professionalize your portfolio, our program is your stepping stone.

Is there an age limit?

We recommend students be ages 14-15 and older in order to get the most benefit from our courses. Younger students could participate with parental involvement to help fill in gaps.

What skills will I gain from the Three Division 3D Accelerator Cohorts?

Apprentices will master a comprehensive skill set, including but not limited to, basic and advanced 3D modeling, material shading, intricate scene crafting, principles of lighting and rendering, animation fundamentals, environment design, and the art of portfolio creation.

Do I need any specific software, hardware or materials to participate?

All participants will need a computer with the free version of Blender installed, you can download Blender for free here. Almost any computer will run Blender. The software will run faster on PCs that are built specifically for gaming or studio work, but most home PCs will work sufficiently for our purposes. Other specific project materials will be shared prior to the workshop.

How are the lessons delivered?

The cohorts are structured around weekly 1-hour live tutorials supplemented by project assignments for practical application. Additionally, apprentices benefit from offline feedback, engage in peer review sessions on Discord, and receive regular updates and resources through our newsletters.

What type of support will I receive during a cohort?

Throughout a cohort, you'll receive personalized support via 1:1 tutorials, group calls, and portfolio reviews. Our Discord community further facilitates peer reviews, allowing you to gain diverse feedback and engage with fellow apprentices.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the cohort weekly?

You should allocate time for attending live tutorials, completing project assignments, and engaging in peer reviews and feedback sessions weekly. A commitment of about 5-10 hours per week is recommended to fully immerse in and reap the benefits of the program.

Will there be a final project or a form of certification upon completion?

Indeed, in the concluding week, apprentices undertake a Master Project, crafting a comprehensive 3D scene, and compile a professional portfolio. While formal certification isn't provided, these capstone projects stand as a testament to your professional readiness in the 3D art industry.

What if I miss a live tutorial session?

We recommend attending live sessions for the most interactive experience. However, should you miss one, recorded sessions will be available for you to catch up. Nevertheless, active participation is crucial for an optimal learning journey.

Is there an opportunity for feedback after the cohort concludes?

Absolutely, a cohort doesn't just end; the final week involves a detailed portfolio review and a concluding call. Our aim is to foster a lasting community, offering continuous support and guidance on your professional path.